USVI Promotes Economy and Tourism

USVI Tourism Reception: Caribbean Media Network USA
USVI Tourism Reception: Caribbean Media Network USA
Media reporters and Former VI/ Jaycees Caribbean Queen Alison Mollenar-Foy
The United States Virgin Islands has started their US Tour, promoting tourism and economic development to the territory. The tour stopped in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday June 18, 2015, with a Tourism Ambassadors reception, at the CNN Center. Over 100 U.S. Virgin Islanders, and their stateside guests enjoyed the hospitality of the U.S. Territory. The event included a presentation from the Commissioner of the Department of Tourism, Beverly Nicholson-Doty, about the economic growth that the islands has experience since the #USVINice promotion started in May of 2014.

Governor Mapp – ATL USVI Tourism Ambassador Event from Marketplace Excellence on Vimeo.

Continuous Growth and Economic Impact

The Commissioner of Tourism shared some important goals and successful initiatives in a video presentation narrated by USVI Ambassador and spokesman Pressure.  Among the many achievements of the USVI NICE promotion, was the continuous growth of multicultural visitors coming to all three islands, and social media engagement from visitors to the territory. Delta Airlines will add an additional direct flight from Atlanta to the island of St. Croix, due to the overwhelming response by travelers. A family reunion campaign was the primary focus of the evening as the DOT, prepares to connect with Ambassadors and travelers to bring their family reunions to the islands.

The Average visitor spends $3,500 while staying in the territory-Beverly Nicholson-Doty

Governor of the USVI Kenneth Mapp, who mentioned that he was missing his own family reunion due to business travel, shared his economic growth plan to expand and modernize the airport terminals on the islands of St.Thomas and St. Croix. This will accommodate and offer competitive options to locals and visitors to the territory.  The newly appointed Property and Procurement Commissioner Randolph Bennett, who was in attendance informed guests about programs for start-up companies willing to employ locals, and invest in the territory. In addition, the University of the Virgin Islands will be launching an Institute of Technology in the near future.
In his address to the media and Ambassadors, the Governor promoted the EDC program to potential investors, along with boasting about the territories internet infrastructure and fiber optics capabilities, as the best in the western hemisphere, even rivaling Silicon Valley, California.

“The Virgin Islands] provides a business environment that is unmatched by any place in America, The federal government has given the Virgin Islands government the ability to reduce the federal tax obligation by 90 percent, and we have no state taxes.- Governor Kenneth Mapp (USVI)


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Upon completion of the meetings and appearances in Atlanta, Mapp will travel to West Virginia to attend the summer meeting of the National Governors Association. The agenda for the NGA meeting includes sessions centered on economic and workforce development; natural resource management; health and human services; economic development and homeland security issues.

Reported by Michael Thomas