Soca Star Denise Belfon in Accident in Bahamas


Self-professed “whining specialist” soca queen, Denise Belfon and her manager narrowly escaped death moments after landing on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas on Saturday, October 24, 2015. The Trinidadian star was the headline performer at an event scheduled to take place Saturday night in the settlement of Palmetto Point. Instead, she and her manager were among those airlifted to the capitol after sustaining injuries.

The island is home to several celebrities including Patti LaBelle. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon also married there not far from where Princess Dianna and the royal family once spent their holidays. Lenny Kravitz, whose mother Roxie Roker is a descendant from the island, recently updated his social media pages from the island on the recent devastation of Hurricane Joaquin which affected other parts of the archipelago.


The Eleutheran, a monthly newspaper on the island snapped a photograph of Belfon boarding an emergency medical charter flight on a stretcher. Also flown to New Providence for treatment was Belfon’s manager, Natasha Thomas Hemming along with Isabella Joseph and Bahamians Perez Smith and Stephen Bain. The driver, Clifford Sands is the only person in the vehicle who was not airlifted.
The accident occurred shortly after 6pm. According to unofficial reports, it is believed something was mechanically wrong with the vehicle. The “Wining Queen” and “Hard Wuk” singer was excited to be performing on the island and had recently uploaded a video telling the residents of Eleuthera she was on her way.

“It could have been a tragedy,” said an observer who did not wish to be named. “You know how these roads on the island are – long, winding and a bunch of hills. It really could have been a serious tragedy. I had planned to go to the concert tonight too. It was going to be in Palmetto point. They were about four miles away from their destination and had just flown in. Thank God there was no loss of life because you know most of these accidents on the island end up with fatality.”

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Arthia Nixon