Sandy Springs Factory Express Car Wash Damage Vehicles

Factory Car Wash
Sandy Springs officer talks with Manager

The following story is an open post provided by M. Thomas via Facebook.

On June 22, 2019, at 12:49 pm, I went to Factory Express Car wash on 8505 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30350 like I always do when my car is dirty. Their machine broke my back wiper, so I came back the same day, and kindly explain to them what happened and seek compensation for damage. I have been going there for 5 years. Now under new management, the new management refuses to offer any compensation for the damage done. I even offer to met me half way, couple free washes or half the cost. REFUSAL! So I called the police.

Then, I stood in front of the area and told every customer that came in what happened to me and how the management was treating me, a long time customer. People turned around and went somewhere else.

The police officer was also not too pleased but had to do her job. The manager had the nerve to ask for a criminal trespassing complaint on me. His own employees told me and the officer that he is mean, cheap, and nasty boss. I tipped the washers for the cars that they lost and left the property with my broken wield shield wiper, which cost $60+ dollars to fix.

Please note: it doesn’t matter what race or creed the owner of the establishment, poor customer service and apathy towards your customers and employees should not be acceptable. #cheerstoallgreatbosses

The service at this establishment is clearly in question. The new management stated that they do not speak English, however, when approached by the officer, and the customer they pointed to a sign in English on a unique part that talks about the broken car part. Based upon the approach of the manager, and conversation with employees, they have clearly received multiple complaints in the past.

It makes you think twice about supporting a local business under new management.