All Roads Lead To Atlanta Dekalb Carnival

Atlanta Carnival Survey

Atlanta Carnival Survey

Survey Says!….

A recent survey conducted by the Caribbean Media Network  about the 2016 Atlanta Caribbean Carnival on Memorial Day Weekend. There’s two Caribbean festivals taking place in Atlanta area, one Carnival taking place in the Old Fourth Ward and the other in Dekalb County on Convington Highway.

Based upon the survey results, more people will be returning to the Dekalb festival vs the Old Fourth Ward Festival. Many patrons of the downtown festival, mentioned their disappointment in last year’s parade. This year the Atlanta/Dekalb Festival will have 25 or more groups/bands in their parade. However, the Old Fourth Ward, will only have 5 participants, not including grand marshal and beauty queens.

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Many also mentioned their disappointment in the split of the two festivals. The most authentic and cultural experience will most likely be the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival as many Caribbean Americans reside in the Stone Mountain area, and will support the efforts of that festival.

The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival has been in existence since 1987, with the original name of Atlanta Peach Carnival/Atlanta Caribbean Folk Festival. The Atlanta Caribbean Band Leaders Association took over the festival, in 2007, with a split in 2014, which created the Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council.

The Official Carnival organizers have retired from participating in the festivals.

Please see the links, comments, and views from the survey below..

Atlanta Carnival survey


It was ok, seems to be getting better. The one downtown was over by the time we got there so we will be attending the Dekalb one instead. The line ups and events seems to be getting better also. I attended cooler fete Saturday and it was epic

The parade has not been the same since the split. At times i feel torn between the two venues. I return only becuz i love Caribbean carnival vibes

Not on the riadcthis year. Spectatung it is. DeKalb Carnival was exciting and colorful, well attended. They really need a larger venue. The Mas Bands alone could fill the space used

I won’t go. It needs to be Conyers, at the International Horse Park. The grand marshal should from the Islands. Not American.