Richard Branson Says If Trump is Real, He Shouldn’t be Next POTUS

Richard BRanson

Richard BRanson

Richard Branson: If Trump Is For Real, “He Shouldn’t Be In The White House”

Founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, shares his thoughts on what the monumental climate deal means for the environment, and how the world could adapt a cleaner source of energy in the future.

Also, MSNBC’s Kate Snow asks about his relationship with fellow businessman/billionaire Donald Trump. Branson stated that although he tries to “avoid getting involved in party politics” he believes that if Trump believes what he says, “he shouldn’t be in the White House” adding that Trump’s statements are “completely preposterous and very dangerous” and “potentially very damaging.”

Branson also discusses the Paris Climate Deal which he calls “a very good deal.”

KATE SNOW, MSNBC: Before I let you go, Sir Richard, can I ask you one final question about Donald Trump. Are you friendly with him, as a fellow businessman?

SIR RICHARD BRANSON: I’ve met him, but I wouldn’t say I know him enormously well.

SNOW: But you’re an observer of American politics. You spend a lot of time here. You’re a fellow businessman, and a fellow billionaire, to be frank. Is that billionaire one who could run the White House, in your estimation?

BRANSON: Um, I’ve always tried to avoid getting involved in party politics. Look, I think that some of his statements are slightly frightening, and — and — and worrying. And, you know, if he really believes them, he shouldn’t be in the White House. I mean, they’re completely preposterous and very dangerous and, you know, potentially very damaging. So certainly he’s worrying, if he believes half the statements he makes.

Source: Real Clear Politics