Parrot Arrested in Brazil Drug Raid

Brazil Arrest Parrot in drug raid

Brazil Arrest Parrot in drug raid

A police raid in Brazil has netted an unlikely suspect: a parrot who allegedly warned targeted drug dealers of the police presence by shouting “Mom, the police!”

Brazil’s press was awash last week in reports about the so-called papagaio do tráfico–or drug-trafficking parrot–a green-feathered bird in the poverty-stricken Vila Irmã Dulce community in Piauí, that had allegedly been trained by its crack-dealing owners to alert them in case of such a raid.

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One officer involved in the operation told the press:

The parrot, along with the local couple with whom it lived, was seized by police in the raid.

A reporter who encountered the incarcerated look-out bird on Tuesday noted that the creature was “super obedient” and kept its beak sealed upon being taken into custody by the state.

Source:Mind Unleased