Miss Jamaica Redefines Beauty at Miss Universe Pageant

On Sunday evening November 26, 2017, Davina Bennett took the world by storm. Bennett, a native of Jamaica, was the 2nd runner up in this year’s Miss Universe contest. Although I am not a proponent of so-called “beauty pageants”, this year’s Miss Universe contest was VERY interesting.

Although Davina ultimately came in as the 2nd runner-up, this Caribbean Queen rocked her exquisite Afro on a world stage for all to see.  She made a statement about beauty and this was a major moment for diversity and inclusiveness.

The 23-year-old model and philanthropist have been outspoken about wanting to shatter existing Eurocentric beauty standards. “I did not win but I got what I was seeking,” she wrote on Instagram following the competition, “I stand as the first Afro queen to have made it thus far.”