Mighty Sparrow in Coma after Suicide Attempt


Reports circulating state that Dr. Slinger Francisco, known internationally as the Mighty Sparrow, is presently in a coma in an undisclosed New York hospital.

According to a JAYBLESSED.com source, “Birdie tried to commit suicide last week by overdosing on prescription medication.” The source added, “The doctors wanted to cut off his legs from diabetes, he says he ready to go ‘home’.”

The source continued that the Mighty Sparrow told others that he was ready to go “home.”

The last time I saw the Mighty Sparrow was on August 5th 2013, when he performed at the annual MLK Summer Concert Series hosted by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, at Wingate Park in Brooklyn.

Birdie was propped up by a stool for his 30 minute set, and despite issues with the sound system and live band, he delivered his classic Calypsos mostly with the help of adoring fans, who sang every word for him. However, it was noticeable that the once vigorous Calypsonian was no longer a prime 60 year old performer…but rather a 78 year old veteran entertainer, now holding on to a stool for dear life.

Source: JayBlessed.com