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Mary Norwood

The next Mayor of Atlanta will influence international change, as he or she will supervise the direction of the busiest airport in the world and home to over 2,000 corporations. Currently, Metro Atlanta is home to over 100K Caribbean-American natives, including those in the Hispanic speaking Diaspora (Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic, Cuba).C.M.N. asked  Atlanta Mayoral candidate front-runner, Mary Norwood, some important questions about her vision for the City of Atlanta. As we approach the home stretch of the mayoral election, with a passel of candidates vying to succeed the two-term incumbent Kasim Reed, and a possible runoff looming on November 7, 2017, many in the community wanted to know exactly… Who is Mary Norwood?

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What is your economic vision for the City of Atlanta?

Atlanta is the economic engine of the southeastern United States. With Hartfield-Jackson’s new international terminal, Mary Norwood’s economic vision for Atlanta is one where we embrace our identity on the world stage. As a city, it is time to move beyond being the regional powerhouse of the southern United States. It is time to show global leadership.

  • As an international city, Atlanta will continue to promote ethnic diversity and gender, sexual, racial and religious tolerance because our people are our greatest asset.
  • Our city will work with community organizations and government agencies to welcome new city residents from around the world and to help them become Atlantans in every sense of the word (including refugees and immigrants).
  • City Hall will promote “My City Academy Atlanta” a program teaching Atlanta’s rich history, the structure of city government, and how to engage or advocate in city efforts.
  • City Hall will promote food/retail cart or kiosk ownership via the public vending lottery. Immigrants represent a significant portion of this type of entrepreneurship by providing diverse food selections and products of cultural value to shoppers.
  • Our city will engage, educate, and embrace all Atlantans, embracing our diversity and welcoming the richness of life immigrants bring to our city.
  • International corporations and NGOs will be encouraged to relocate and establish a strong community presence in Atlanta.
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What is your opinion on police brutality, how will you address this matter as Mayor?

Police brutality and the excessive show of force is an unacceptable behavior from any officer representing the City of Atlanta. Racial profiling is an unacceptable practice as well. A Norwood Administration will demand and expect APD Officers to show respect for the rights of all people. Complaints will be promptly investigated and disrespecting officers will be disciplined. A Mayor sets the example. The Norwood administration will work to further empower the Citizen Review Board to address such matters.

Why should anyone vote for Mary Norwood? (Person vs. Candidate)

As a person, I believe in the American ethic that hard work, being honest in my daily interactions with people and a strong work ethic are qualities I will take into City Hall. In this time or crisis at City Hall, with corruption very much a central discussion in the campaign, I will bring openness, transparency and strong ethical standards. From day one, I will lead by example to restore the faith and trust people deserve in their city leaders. My qualities and my accomplishments on public safety, zoning, affordable housing and bring transparency to City governments are reasons people should vote for Mary Norwood.

In a recent poll from the AJC, race may play a major role in this election. Do you believe that race will play a role in this election?

Race and ethnic diversity are facts of life and one of Atlanta’s unique and most valuable assets. As an At-Large City Councilwoman, Mary Norwood enjoys broad support from African-Americans (higher than most African-American candidates for Mayor), whites, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Mary works to find what people have in common and how we can all work together for the benefit of Atlantans. She has visited virtually every one of Atlanta’s 252 neighborhoods and knows what concerns matter most to the people in each community.

With so many candidates still in the race, do you feel that a runoff is possible?

As the old saying goes, “If you aren’t in it, you can’t win it,” which explains a large number of candidates sticking it out to the end. The voters of Atlanta will determine on November 7th if there will be a run-off. Such predictions are not Mary Norwood to make. We leave the predictions to the political pundits. If we are in a runoff, we will be in it to win.

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Do you have any plans to help Atlanta Westside (Vine City/ MB Stadium)?

The Vine City – Atlanta Westside – Mercedes Benz Stadium area of the City are of vital economic interest to the overall economic health of the City and its future. The campaign website highlights key issues such as gentrification and affordable housing that are important for the Atlanta Westside. We invite you and your readers to visit the web page for details, which are too extensive to answer here and give it fair due.

With a win, you will become the first Female Mayor of Caucasian ethnicity. Do you anticipate any challenges during your term?

Mary Norwood likes to campaign on the fact that should the voters of Atlanta grant her the honor of being Mayor of our great City, she would be the SECOND woman Mayor of Atlanta. As mayor, Mary Norwood will represent all Atlantans and work to create the best possible future for all of us.

Whoever becomes Mayor will be challenged the first day they walk into the office. The FBI is in City Hall – that is given. Other challenges will be to improve our police force, lower the violent crime rate, balance the city’s budget without raising taxes, start initiatives on affordable housing, and developing a long-range plan to deal with homelessness. The new Mayor’s plate will be full from Day One.

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. What’s your plan to continue this growth?

Atlanta is a growing and robust City. Now the issue moves beyond from just stimulating growth to managing Atlanta’s continued growth. A Norwood Administration will continue to advocate smart growth that addresses infrastructure needs, traffic and transportation challenges, public safety in every neighborhood and promotes responsible growth that will protect the character of our neighborhoods.

What is the opinion on critics, who say that Mary Norwood doesn’t care about the people of Atlanta?

Of all the charges, ever leveled at Mary Norwood this one is the most absurd. As noted in Mary’s “Shoes” television advertisement, Mary is known as hard working and for her caring attitude both of people and of the issues. The television ad speaks for the campaign and the candidate. Please visit our website for almost countless photos showing Mary Norwood interacting on with fellow Atlantans all over our city. You will also be able to access specific and detailed solutions to address many of the challenges facing our city.

What three words best describes Mary Norwood?

Hardworking, ethical and caring, but three words really do not do her justice. She will bring a new era of accessibility and trust to city government.

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Disclaimer: CMN does not endorse any candidate. The views and opinions stated in above interview are solely the from the Mary Norwood campaign. This article has not been altered or changed to reflect, entice, or influence, any party.

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