Martha Stewart Blogs about Her First Holiday Vacation in USVI

Lifestyle specialist and taste maker Martha Stewart shared her exciting pictures on her blog, about her recent trip to St. Croix, USVI. The small Caribbean island is one of the three main islands which make up the United States Virgin Islands, which offers tourist and visiting cruise guests, a unique look of modern Caribbean culture.   Martha enjoyed St Croix, USVI this past winter. martha5

My favorite restaurant on St. Croix was The Chicken Shack, located mid-island. It’s very popular with locals and tourists alike and offers spit-roasted chickens, ribs, and pork, as well as johnny cakes, slaw, plaintains, rice, and more. One orders at a window and waits until the number is called.-Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart shared pictures of her trip, along with some historical facts. Among other things, she laminated that she enjoyed her stay on the island for her holiday travel, along with the annual Crucian Carnival celebration. The album of pictures and subtitles, ranged from pictures of goats, cows, sheep,beaches,and her stylish vacation villa. Martha also experience local cuisine and tropical fish such conch, sugar apple, avacado, and many local agricultural delights. It’s not easy to please the queen of “perfection”, but St. Croix made Martha feel at home. The experience was shared by her family, including her grand children. The island of St Croix offer visitors, a unique look of Caribbean history, while sharing a delightful tranquility for family and friends to relax and enjoy.  Martha shared some pictures and details, which we have highlighted below…

This past Christmas, I had a quiet and relaxing get-away with my family on the Caribbean island of St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands.  As you may know, I really love travel and now it’s a whole new experience seeing places with my grandchildren.  Please enjoy this first blog about our holiday in St. Croix. Source

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