Jeffrey Epstein Caribbean Island, Fake Passports, and Piles of Cash

Epstein Private Island Sex Trafficking Pedophile

The island, which is near St. Thomas in the Caribbean, is only accessible by boat. Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero chartered a boat and traveled for about 10 minutes to reach the island. The convicted sex offender was taken into custody July 6 and charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy, accused of luring underage girls to his home for sex. Epstein has pleaded not guilty.

Jeffrey Epstein liked to call his Caribbean island of Little St. James Little St. Jeff’s. Locals gave it another, far darker name: “Pedophile Island;” and sometimes, “Orgy Island.”

The financier, who has been charged with trafficking girls as young as 14, would come to his island as an escape from his daily life, according to Bloomberg. A former employee told the site that he would host young women on the island and bring them over on a 38-foot boat he named the Lady Ghislaine.

Epstein bought the island for $7.95 million in 1998 and spent millions more developing it with roads, spending $20,000 per palm tree, and more for villas. He owns another private island dubbed Great St. James as well, along with Manhattan and Palm Beach mansions, a Paris apartment and a New Mexico ranch.

Epstein Private Island Sex Trafficking Pedophile

A commercial plaza on St. Thomas is home to at least five Epstein entities, including companies that hold his Gulfstream jets, Financial Trust Co. and a data mining company called Southern Trust Co. Epstein transferred his business operations to the U.S. Virgin Islands about 20 years ago.

Epstein used to visit his place in the Virgin Islands two or three times per month for Zen-like retreats, according to the report. Employees were not supposed to let Epstein see them while they were there


New York Times reports: Investigators discovered a safe in Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion that held “piles of cash,” diamonds and an expired passport from a foreign country which had Mr. Epstein’s photo but a fake name and said he lived in Saudi Arabia.

Prosecutors revealed the safe’s contents as they argued on Monday in Federal District Court in Manhattan that Mr. Epstein should be denied bail before his sex-trafficking and conspiracy trial because he was a flight risk and a danger to the community.


He is accused of abusing dozens of underage girls in New York and Florida in the early 2000s.

Two women who said Mr. Epstein had abused them bolstered the government’s argument, urging Judge Richard M. Berman to deny him bail.

“He’s a scary person to have walking the streets,” said Courtney Wild, who said Mr. Epstein began sexually abusing her when she was 14.