Inspiring the Next Generation: Elaine Bryan Foundation Luncheon

Elaine Bryan Foundation

(l-r) Captain Barrington Irvin, the youngest person of color to fly solo around the world, Attorney and Philanthropist Mrs. Paula Kerr-Jarrett, President and Founder of the Elaine Bryan foundation, Dr. Elaine Bryan, Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, Chief Executive Office of Golden Krust Mr. Lowell Hawthorne and Mrs. Jacqueline Hawthorne-Robinson at the Elaine Bryan, Foundation’s Annual Inspirational Luncheon and Awards ceremony.

2017 Photo Credit; Carl Henry

Atlanta, GA; The Annual Elaine Bryan Foundation Luncheon, was held on Sunday, May 7, 2017, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia. In attendance, was a  Jamaica’s Ambassador to the USA- Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks, Congressman Hank Johnson, Captain Barrington Irving, the youngest and first person of color to fly solo around the world; Attorney at law and Philanthropist Paula Kerr-Jarrett, CEO of Golden Krust Mr. Lowell Hawthorne, Honorary Consul General to Jamaica Mrs. Jewel Scott Esq., and other dignitaries.

A Tearful Inspiration

Elaine Bryan

Congressman Hank Johnson

Those in attendance had the unique opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, dedication, and perseverance.The audience were moved to tears, to learn the awe-inspiring stories about the path to success that many of the distinguished speakers took to make their dreams a reality.



Captain Barrington Irving shared his story on how he accomplished his world record of flying a plane around the world. It took him several denials, however, his perseverance allowed him to build a plane and accomplish his goal.

‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ is a critically valuable skill set which should be cultivated by those who want to get ahead in today’s 21st century world- Ambassador Audrey Marks  

Her Excellency, Ambassador Audrey Marks told the over 300 in attendance that “There is no better way to prepare for the world of the 21st century, whether you aspire to work for a large company, start your own business, go into academia or to public service, than through cultivating your skills in entrepreneurship.”The Jamaican Ambassador who herself can be considered a serial entrepreneur, and is best known for creating the Paymaster Online System, explained that “the emphasis of the entrepreneurial mindset is not on starting businesses, rather it’s on the development of skills; It’s not what you do, it’s how you think,” she said.

“The characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset are: Creativity, Resourcefulness, Courage, resilience and Passion … that set of attitudes, skills and behaviours that you need succeed academically, personally and professionally.”

Elaine Bryan

Dr Elaine Bryan present students scholarships and Awards Elaine Bryan Foundation Steam 2017

The Purpose

The Elaine Bryan Foundation is an official Microsoft partner for STEM in the state of Georgia. The organization works diligently to create a productive environment for students to develop their skills prior to college. Dr. Elaine Bryan is a former teacher, now real estate mogul, who has created a successful education diversity program within her community.

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Credit: Carl Henry- Photos

Written by: Michael Thomas