First Jamaican WNBA Player Simone Edwards to be honored on June 23

Simone Edwards

Simone Edwards

Photo Credit: (Photo Credit: Steve Strother Photo & Video)

Atlanta, Georgia; Rolling Out: Basketball player, community leader, and writer, Simone Edwards is a woman who does it all. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, she became the first Jamaican player to be signed to the WNBA. She garnered many awards and traveled the world during her career in basketball.  On Saturday, June 23, 2018,  Simone will be honored at the Four Seasons Atlanta, along with fellow Jamaicans Alrene Richards-Barr- Director of International Business- ATL Airport, and Andrew Davis- Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer- Coca-Cola.   Aside from her talent on the court, Edwards is committed to community service and philanthropy. She has a non-profit Simone4Children Foundation that works to educate and uplift children and prevent bullying.

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Simone4Children Foundation was founded in 2000 as a 501(c)3, and in partnership with Food For The Poor, donated an educational building in Kingston, Jamaica. Simone4Children provides ongoing support including school supplies, clothing, and food to underprivileged children with special focus in promoting education, self-esteem, anti-bullying and social skills. The ongoing homework program helps children with their academic work. Simone was inspired to start the foundation because she wanted to give back to poor communities and support issues of purpose.

In 2015, Simone4Children Foundation created The Anti-Bully Project, a global initiative to promote anti-bullying and self-esteem. Inspired by the bullying that Simone experienced from childhood to college, she has become a champion in the fight against bullying. Edwards travels the globe through her The Anti-Bully Project Empowerment Tour, speaking to thousands of teens and women about her incredible personal stories of bullying, success, failure, persistence, hard work, and the events of her life.

Edwards loves to inspire through motivational speaking by sharing her stories of triumph and defeat. Her passion for helping others led her to create a creative content company for literature, television, and film. Through this company, she recently published her own book, Unstoppable. Edwards shared how she accomplished her goals and all about her book.

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