Dominican Republic Deportations Gets Slam


The 15-member Caribbean Community is calling on the Dominican Republic to halt its policy of deporting people of Haitian descent and “avoid a humanitarian crisis.” Caribbean nations in the Caribbean Community are calling on the Dominican Republic to immediately stop its planned deportation of people of Haitian descent. The 15-member bloc known as Caricom wrote a statement emphasizing the human rights of those people made stateless by a ruling of the Dominican Constitutional Court in 2013, which had been made retroactive to 1929, revoking the nationality of Dominican-born Haitians.

”The very real possibility that they could be expelled to Haiti, a country of which they are not citizens and with which many have neither family nor language links was an additional cause for concern,” said a Caricom statement. Haiti is a member of Caricom, while the Dominican Republic has applied for membership. This week, Jamaica’s foreign minister told his country’s senate that Jamaica will not support the Dominican Republic government’s bid for membership until it resolves this issue. “For some time, there has been discussion as to whether the DR should become part of Caricom … if this Dominican Republic/Haiti matter is not resolved in the spirit of full adherence to human rights and adherence to acknowledged international norms, Jamaica will not support the Dominican Republic,” said Senator AJ Nicholson.

Source: TeleSur