Delta flight from Jamaica evacuated due to fire

Photo Credit: Jamaica Gleanor

Delta Air Lines flight 304 from Jamaica to Atlanta had a reported fire in its cargo area Monday, but all 160 passengers and six crew members were able to evacuate safely, according to airline and airport officials.

Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport closed after the 3:40 p.m. incident, with flights diverted to Norman Manley International Airportin Kingston.

The crew aboard the Boeing 737-800 received a flight-deck warning of a cargo fire while the plane was at the end of the runway, and quickly activated the fire-suppression systems, according to airline spokesman Morgan Durrant.

The passengers and crew evacuated by emergency slides and returned to the terminal on buses after the evacuation.

Delta personnel reported no fire was present, but the airline’s top priority is the safety of customers and crew, Durrant said.

Another aircraft was being arranged to take travelers from Montego Bay to Atlanta later Monday night.

Source USA Today