Cyber Attack on Wall Street and United Airlines


The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading at 11:32 a.m ET Wednesday. It’s been down for over two hours.

The Wall Street Journal and United Airlines have also been disrupted this morning. The daily operations were halted at United Airlines, as over 5,000 flights were grounded world wide. The Wall Street Journal also halted production due to technical issues.

In a brief announcement, the exchange said it was experiencing a “internal technical issue.” The NYSE said later in a tweet that it’s “not the result of a cyber breach.”

“We will be providing further updates as soon as we can, and are doing our utmost to produce a swift resolution, communicate thoroughly and transparently, and ensure a timely and orderly market re-open,” the NYSE said.
The Department of Homeland Security told CNN that there is “no sign of malicious activity” at the NYSE or with an earlier outage experienced by United Airlines. The FBI says it reached out to NYSE and “no further law enforcement action is needed at this time.”
Other exchanges, including the Nasdaq, are still operating. That means investors can still trade, just not on the NYSE.
“It is the most significant outage since Nasdaq’s blackout [in 2013],” says Eric Scott Hunsader, a market structure expert and CEO of Nanex, a data feed company. The 2013 “Flash Freeze” caused all Nasdaq-listed shares to stop trading for more than three hours.

Source CNN