Caribbean Male Supermodel Marries Partner


ATLANTA, GEORGIA… Internationally known Caribbean male model Kenneth Kerr is the first Bahamian to marry in Georgia now that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that same sex couples can legally marry in all states.

Kerr and his partner Daniel Hudson have been friends for several years but in 2014 became a couple and even got a dog, Freckles. A photo announcing their engagement went viral in LGBT and interracial relationship social media groups. Since exchanging their nuptials at the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta Georgia a few days after the ruling, the pair has also legally changed their surnames to Hudson-Kerr.
“My own mother is deceased so I was so humbled and honored when Kenneth’s mother accepted me as her own son when we revealed our relationship,” said Hudson who works with a Fortune 500 company. “It’s been a lot of travelling back and forth but we decided that we were going to get married. We got rings and planned a ceremony for family and friends and searched for a state that would allow us to marry. By coincidence, the new ruling came down while Kenneth was on one of his regular trips to Atlanta. And we’re like, let’s do it! Let’s just go be a part of history and be among the first to go and do it because we didn’t want to wait any longer. I stalked him long enough trying to get his attention and now it’s official.”

“I’m prepared for the shade and backlash of our decision especially being a man of Bahamian and Jamaican heritage,” said Kerr. “But our journey is not anyone else’s so we are going to take it one day at a time and enjoy our life together.”

Under the new Supreme Court ruling, Kerr said he doesn’t know if there will be an influx of Bahamians in the LGBT community who will travel to the United States to marry, even though the union will not be recognized in their home country.

Author: Althea Nixon

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