Caribbean Leaders on Frontline of Climate Change

Caribbean Nations to UN: Extreme Weather Events Leave No Doubt Climate Change Is Real

Pleading with all members of the United Nations General Assembly – large and small, rich and poor – to come together to save the planet, the Prime Minister of Dominica, where the landscape, ravaged by back-to-back hurricanes “resembles a war zone” on the heels of Hurricane Maria last week, said his and other islands in the Caribbean need help now to fight a war that is not of their own creation.

Just two years after tropical storm Erika had ripped through the region, leaving death and destruction in his country, Roosevelt Skerrit said Dominica and others in the region had been ravaged by perhaps the worst hurricane season on record, with Irma and Maria leaving loss of lives and livelihoods, and as yet untold damage.

“I come to you straight from the front line of the war on climate change,” he said in an emotional address to the General Assembly’s annual general debate on Saturday when he reported on “desolation beyond imagination” in his storm-battered country where at least 15 have died and countless others are missing, homes have been flattened, buildings left roofless, water pipes smashed, road infrastructure destroyed, crops uprooted, the hospital left without power, schools disappeared beneath the rubble, and “where there was green, there is now only dust and dirt”.

Source Caribbean360