Buju Banton Triumphant return to the stage kicks off in Jamaica

Buju Banton Long Walk to Freedom

This past weekend was one for the record books. The long awaited Buju Banton, Long Walk to Freedom Tour kickoff in Kingston, Jamaica. The world was watching as the reggae legend hit center stage on Saturday night.  Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom Concert, one of the biggest music events in Jamaica’s history, was held Saturday night at Kingston’s National Stadium, marking the reggae icon’s return to the stage after an eight-year absence.

Reggae legends such as Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond, and Wayne Wonder, were just a few of the musician artists that join the concert lineup.  Banton didn’t willingly take a break from performing; he had been incarcerated in federal prison following a conviction on cocaine-trafficking charges.

Banton has yet to speak publicly about the circumstances that led to his criminal conviction and his time in prison. His silence on such serious life-altering events, coupled with his 10-year absence from a Jamaican stage, undoubtedly heightened the anticipation surrounding the Long Walk to Freedom concert. Banton’s dramatic—and contentious—career arc has rendered him a revolutionary to some, and a divisive figure to others.



Leading up to the concert, there were a major controversy with Buju Banton and his son Markus Myrie.  Buju and his son Markus Myrie appears to have made peace. Many initially thought it was a publicity stunt? However, a highly placed source in the singer’s camp confirmed with Urban Islandz that it was not a publicity stunt.

During his performance on his “Long Walk To Freedom” tour on Saturday night at the National Stadium in Kingston, Buju Banton briefly addressed the ruckus with his son, where he was called “ba***man.”

“Me come home and some bwoy no know say even though Buju Banton lockup we still rough,” Buju told the crowd while standing on stage with Wayne Wonder. “8 years 6 months, 27 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes and 26 seconds. Am gonna say this is a disclaimer. No disrespect to no one, am talking about me.”

Buju Banton then freestyle some lyrics aimed straight at the recent reportings circulating in the media about himself and his son. “Me no care what in a the media / Me no business bout the news, Me do 10 years a prison nut no sexual abuse / No tear no deh pon me rectum and me anus no abuse / Me see it say nuff a them confuse,” Buju deejay.

Buju Banton



Many were highly upset with the Jamaican station CVM who was live streaming the concert on Facebook, decided to pull the plug 5 minutes after Buju Banton took the stage. This made many viewers angry, after waiting hours to see Buju Banton to perform, the station posted a comment that they would rebroadcast it on March 24, 2019.  CVM did some severe brand damage globally due to this action. It’s clear they were thinking local vs global. CVM had over 100K active users viewing the stream and pulled the plug at the most critical moment.

The concerts success signals that Buju Banton will fit back into the dancehall world seamlessly.

“You can see from the Buju Banton that was on stage that he’s ready for business. He’s one of the columns of dance hall and I don’t think he’s going anywhere… he’s still reigning as a champion.”-Seani B

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