Bob Marley Tribute at Grammy Awards

The highly anticipated Bob Marley tribute finally took place last night at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Twitter was on fire with the lack luster tribute to a great Caribbean musician. Many said that the performances were ok, however the tribute showcased Bruno Mars music.


RedCarpet reports: The performance was started with Bruno Mars who was later joined on stage by Sting. Although the performance was awesome from a musical standpoint, it was more a showcase for these artists than a tribute to Bob…they weren’t even playing reggae!

The tribute was much better once Damian Marley came on stage and mash it up. Kudos to Ziggy and Rihanna as well. At the end of the day, I’m happy that the Grammys gave Bob Marley center stage but next time let Ziggy, Damian and other reggae artists lead the charge.