Atlanta Plays Host to International Delegation

The summer of 2014 will be a busy one for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Among the many traditional events throughout the summer season, Atlanta will welcome the international delegation of Jehovah Witnesses to a long list convention goers, business professionals and tourists. The city of Atlanta has added many attractions downtown, including the recent National Civil Rights Museum. However, the soon to be old Georgia Dome will play host to over 100,000 guests between July4-August 3, 2014 .

The international delegation comes from around the globe, including Africa, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Caribbean, and other neighboring states. The Jehovah Witness Organization, is recognized as one of the world’s largest, unified, and organized religions in the world today. The recent launch of , has already received awards from Alexa, for it’s diversity, ease use, and comprehensive data.  The site hosts over 20 different languages,with just  the touch of your finger tips, all with the same unified message. This year’s theme is “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom”. 


The international conventions, will be hosted in various large metropolitan cities much like Atlanta, Ga. Over 5,000 members (Brothers and Sisters) have volunteered to assist with various convention assignments. Those attending the convention sessions – expected to total of more than 102,000 people — will come from not only Georgia, but several surrounding states and from a wide variety of international locations. More than 24 countries will be represented by the three convention sessions, with 45 additional sites in the U.S. and its territories tied in with the events in Atlanta by video.The number of confirmed foreign delegates at each convention are as follows;

1st week: July 4- July 6, 2014 –3,500 International Delegates 

2nd week; July 18-20 2014–2,300 International Delegates

3rd week: August 1-3, 2014–2,400–International Delegates


If you hear a knock on your door in the metro Atlanta region, do not be surprise. There will be 400 congregations involved in  field service activity with the foreign delegates. This activity is recognized as a  signature staple of Jehovah Witnesses, as they follow in the foot steps of Jesus Christ, who preach from door to door, while on earth.  A noon meal will be provided at the Kingdom Halls for the delegates and friends after field service. Most of the field service activity will be on the Thursday before and the Monday after each convention.

The convention series will bring 34,000 Witnesses (plus invited guests) to the Georgia Dome on each of three weekends: July 4-6, July 18-20, and Aug. 1-3. For the first two weekends, the convention program will be held in English, and for the last session, the program will be in Spanish.

Economic Impact

Each three day session of the convention is expected to generate substantial economic impact for Metro Atlanta.

“This summer, Jehovah’s Witnesses will bring nearly 100,000 people to dine, shop and meet in Atlanta for its three international conventions,” said William Pate, president and CEO, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB).

“These attendees will boost Atlanta’s hospitality industry by generating an estimated $60 million in economic impact and contributing to the nearly 230,000 jobs that this industry supports.”

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