Atlanta Carnival Disorder Leaves Many Angry

The Atlanta Caribbean Bandleaders Association hosted the annual Caribbean festival in downtown Atlanta on Saturday May 25, 2013. The excitement from the colorful display of cultural costumes, local vendors, and international artist set the mood for a successful annual celebration. However, unconfirmed reports of a bomb threat was rumored to change the already existing parade route. The route ended at the Georgia Dome, which required participants of all ages to cross a major highway to access the next street to the festival stadium.


This year’s celebration was very disorganized and unprofessionally executed, due to lack of personnel during the annual parade. Media and talent where delayed for more than 24 hours, with non committed time lines of credential distributions, along with location changes. The annual event included performances by returning Antigua artists Burning Flames, along with Tizzy, Pumpa, Rudy, and many others. One positive highlight of the day, was the large turnout of local, and national attendees.

There is much to be said about this year’s festival and it’s success.The bands and masqueraders were in full glamour, and was stated to be a memorable parade for onlookers. The entertainment line up and show was also a positive highlight of the festival. However, attendees and guests, waited in long lines, due to a delay in the festival village opening, from a Jouvert fete the previous night. The ACCBA President Patricia Henry apologized via her personal Facebook page, where she also released parade winner results to a targeted few. Her apology included a comparison to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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