A Taste of 1494

My special engagement dining at Chef Omar’s 1494 Supper Club was a delightful experience.  His preparation of culinary masterpieces, enhanced by his wine pairings, allowed guests to taste the distinct flavors of his Caribbean influenced meals.  It was a welcomed opportunity to taste the future of Caribbean Cuisine, which is influenced by the many countries and cultures that came and stayed in the Caribbean.

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The intimate setting that the 1494 Supper Club provided was a memorable experience for all of his guests.  Chef Omar’s culinary philosophy displays a refined sensibility, while still including traditional Caribbean ingredients such as Avocado, Mango, Coconut, Red Snapper, Callaloo, etc. Chef Omar’s 1494 Supper Club features a five course meal, each course paired  with a wine that compliments the meal. This style of culinary mastery is a welcome sight for the Atlanta restaurant  industry. Chef Omar offers a stylish, unique, and refined reinterpretation of Caribbean influenced meals, with a global  approach to his dishes.  The Supper Club was attended by a select clientele, and guests from all industries, who promises to be  happy patrons of Chef Omar’s future endeavors.

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1494 is derived from the period that the Old World came to the New World where the Caribbean is concerned, and Jamaica  (chef Omar’s birth land) in particular. The 1494 Supper Club Team, which includes Yana Lee Fong of Artical Agency, Faith  and Ann Whyte, who’s attention to detail, offered their guests a rustic yet elegant and genteel atmosphere, will secure the  continued success of this supremely innovative chef. Cheers to Chef Omar’s new ventures.

Learn More about Chef Omar @ www.chefomarpowell.com

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