4 Brothers Under Age 11 Start Cookie Empire

4 young boys cookie empire

4 young boys cookie empire

ATLANTA — Four brothers, all under the age of 11, are baking their way into a cookie empire.

First off, if you clicked on this, you already know those boys are ridiculously adorable.

The Billingslea boys, better known as Joshua, 11, Isaiah, 9, Caleb, 7 and Micah, 5 are better known as the Yummy Brothers.

For two years, they’ve been mixing, pouring, scooping and selling their great-grandmother’s cookie recipe. The delicious idea, started with them taking their cookies everywhere.

“Everybody would say that our cookies are really good. So, we were just thinking we could make a living off of this selling cookies,” Joshua explained. “We went to our dad, we told him that we wanted to start our own business selling cookies and we came together as a family and brainstormed on what the name would be and what the logo would be.”

The name was simple – they’re brothers, and people bragged about how yummy the cookies were. And here’s lots of flavors to choose from.

“Lemon white chocolate, chocolate chip, snicker-doodle,” listed the second-oldest brother, Isaiah. “We have over 36 different types of cookies.”


Source:11 Alive